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Saturday, November 23, 2013

With Both Caps On

I’m back! I hope. After an embarrassingly long hiatus, I hope to carve out time for the occasional post to review new (or new to me) Alaska children’s books.

I’ve always worn two hats – my library bun and my writing cap. Sometimes it can be a trifle tricky wearing both at the same time. But I love children’s books and I love Alaska, so I can’t seem to stop myself.

I know first hand the joy and excitement of sharing good books with children, of exploring new ideas with fresh minds, of watching kids make connections with the world at large and the equally vast universe within through literature.

If we want our children to read well, they must want to read, to be internally motivated to read for pleasure and not just externally motivated to pass tests. That love of reading comes primarily from one thing: exposure to a wide variety of good books and intriguing stories.

All children need and deserve well-written books that accurately reflect their own experience, as well as stories that expand their horizons. In the spirit of aspiring to create the best books for children, I’ll do my best to review books about Alaska and by Alaskan authors that I find interesting and worth sharing. Stay tuned for more!

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