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Monday, May 2, 2011

Seven Things

Kate Boyan, the amazing beading artist and author/illustrator of The Blue Bead (see my earlier post here), passed on to me THE STYLISH BLOG AWARD. As far as I can tell, this high honor comes with the obligation to tell the world Seven Things People Don’t Know About Me.
In my case, it will have to be Seven Things MOST People Don’t Know About Me. I couldn’t think of seven things absolutely no one knows.

#1. I’m moving to Homer, Alaska at the end of the month. It’s true. After 29 years of living in lovely Willow, Alaska my husband and I are moving. Why? I’ve been offered the wonderful opportunity to be the new director of Homer’s fabulous public library.

#2. In one of my former (pre-Alaska) lives, I was a tree planter. I planted thousands of trees, all good, in mountains across the Pacific Northwest and Colorado. I still have the hoedad and caulk boots to prove it.

#3. I didn’t have a television for somewhere around 25 years. By choice. I got a lot of reading in. Try it sometime! You’ll be amazed.

#4. I grow three kinds of kale every summer: Toscano, Russian Red, and Winterbor.

#5. I wanted to be a writer and a tugboat captain when I was a kid. Instead, I became a writer and a librarian. Go figure. Maybe in my old age I’ll write my memoirs while volunteering on a boatmobile. (They do exist.)

#6. Not counting my high school newspaper, my first published piece was a sci-fi book review for a short-lived Cascadian journal called Seriatim.

#7. My favorite sections of the library are Fiction and 398.2. Always have been.

That’s it! And now....TA-DA…I pass on The Stylish Blog Award to my friend and fellow librarian/writer, Linda Shoup of the Purple Glasses Club. Congratulations! (No need to thank me. Have fun! Can’t wait to learn more about you.)


  1. Okay, I give up, Ann. What is 398.2?

  2. That's the folk and fairy tale section. Legends and folklore, all sorts of interesting stuff.

  3. Kale is one of my favorite veggies and you will be glad to know that it grows great in Homer. Weird to know people through blogging and now you will be in Homer and running our library. Congratulations on the new job and welcome!

  4. Kate, it will be so fun to meet you! I can't wait to stop by your gallery and see your work first hand.

  5. Congratulations Ann on your new adventure in Homer, I hope to learn more about your new job and life on the Kenai!

    1. Thanks so much! I've been so busy learning my new job and making the transition, I've totally neglected the blog. I'll get back one of these days. After 29 years in my previous home, I now know why some people never move. It's a lot of work and takes so much time! But in this case, it's been worth it. Anytime I begin to doubt, I go for a walk on the beach.