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Friday, January 28, 2011

Guess What? Kids Are Still Reading Books

Digital apps and e-books may be getting most of the buzz these days but a recent survey shows some reassuring results for those of us who love children’s books (the paper kind).

According to the findings of this survey, commissioned by Bowker/PubTrack and the Association of Booksellers for Children, books are still the top media for children ages 0-6, even in households that can afford the toys of technology. More good news: even tech-busy teens like reading books for fun, rating it third on their lists. So far, they’re reading print books; less than 20% read e-books.

Good news for libraries, too: young children get most of their books from public and school libraries. Librarians already knew that – but it’s good to have some data to confirm it.

Another non-surprise is that women purchase 70% of books for children.

At the same time, Amazon just announced that sales of digital books through their site have exceeded sales of paperback books. Last July purchases of e-books surpassed hardcovers.

No doubt about it -- we live in interesting times.


Publishers Weekly. Winter Institute: Children’s Books in a Digital Age. Announces Fourth Quarter Sales up 36% to $12.95 Billion

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